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Show football fans how easy it is to create their own Wix website through a well distributed campaign including high profile ad spots on UK TV driving traffic to the dedicated Wix website generating new Wix users.


Develop a Manchester City themed site with the inference that it was created by a fan of the Club.

Wix created 2 adverts for UK television including high profile media spots on Sky Sports News. 10 second and a 30 second version featured.

The Manchester City themed website became the destination for fans to go and try out the Wix product - view here


YouTube - A 60 second version of the advert was created for YouTube which resulted in over 215,000 views, view here


Manchester City Social Media platforms - Reached over 300,000 Manchester City fans

Manchester City Website - Over 350,000 impressions delivered for the campaign.

Create your own Winning Website:  Campaign Video

Create Your Winning Website

Wix and Manchester City Partnership