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Raise brand awareness in key, strategic markets. 

Demonstrate partnerships with both Manchester City and Sergio Aguero. 

Generate further content for use across Wix social channels.


TVC was produced and broadcasted across 33 UK channels in 1,320 spots throughout March 2016.

Additional behind the scenes content was also captured with producers on how the commercial was created.

Final edit shared across, Wix, Manchester City and Sergio Aguero’s social channels.

Wix also created Sergio's new website which he could be seen working on in the TVC.


An estimated 775,000 hits per day through 18 days of UK broadcasting in March.

A estimated total of 14,000,000 hits.

389,000 Youtube video views.

Sergio Aguero Television Commercial: Campaign Video

Sergio Aguero Official Website and TVC

Wix and Manchester City Partnership