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Build awareness of the Wix and Manchester City partnership.

Integrate the Wix product in to a launch announcement.

Create a viral asset for use on social media channels.

Distribute PR materials to national and selected international media outlets.

Maintain a digital-led theme throughout launch activity.


Utilise player appearance to create short content featuring Chris Kamara. Players seen building a website using the Wix platform while Kammy’s iconic commentary and a cheering crowd create a match like atmosphere.

Distribute content via Wix and Manchester City Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels upon launch announcement with additional paid reach.

Feature content on Manchester City and Wix websites and Youtube channels.

The digital advertising campaign was run on Manchester City's website.

The associated press release was distributed to national media and selected markets.


Over 900,000 people reached.

Content viewed over 150,000 times.

Over 11,000 engagements across social media.

66 pieces of media coverage.

Partnership Launch: Campaign Video

Partnership Launch

Wix and Manchester City Partnership