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Invite a number of “die-hard” Manchester City fans to take part in an exclusive photo and film shoot at unique and authentic locations in Manchester. 

Drive fans to the Wix produced microsite demonstrating their core product and also to Wix FC – their official Facebook channel where fans could win unique Manchester City prizes for submitting their story.


Wix created a microsite hosting case studies on the chosen fans about what it is to be a Manchester City fan.

Manchester City supported this campaign across digital platforms including social media posts, banners and PR.


The campaign was well received by fans and in the press becoming the most engaged campaign Wix had run on social media.

Fan engagement levels were comparable with some of the most high profile Manchester City Partner content.

Over 2.9 million people reached.

46,000+ engagements with the content. Over 36,000 likes via social media. 184,000+ video views. Over 4,000 clicks to Wix produced microsite 

This City is Ours: Behind the scenes video
This City is Ours: Campaign Video

This City Is Ours

Wix and Manchester City Partnership